Posted by: thedoeofthemorning | May 3, 2012

Hello world!

It’s my first time Blogging, and I think it’s a way to escape and express myself.  However, I am going to be sharing wonderful stories about my life and how God has been my comforter, my hope, most importantly The Doe of my Morning(My  Hope).

I am using this Blog to reach out to those who have cried to the Lord and have the belief in their heart that he has forsaken them.(Psalm 22) But guess what?..he has not. It is just a wilderness period, a period that comes with ups and downs, a period where you start doubting the Powers of the most high, a period where it seems everything you have ever worked for collapses, a period of dryness, a period where all bones refuses to rise again(finances, health, marital issues, Failed businesses or lack of  jobs etc).

He then reminds you that his Grace is sufficient. There is one thing for sure, he is there listening and has been talking but you are not listening. It has happened again and again. The pain is so unbearable, you can’t hear…who feels this?


It is that thrudding uncomfortable feeling that brings in unhappiness, leads to depression, doubting ones faith and could lead to suicidal attempts or committing it itself.

I know what pain is…but guess what? , my pain becomes smaller when I hear of    another’s pain. But when you listen to it, you can also think it is much bigger than what you have ever heard. To be continued……

Psalm 25: To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul;

in you I trust, O my God.

Do not let me be put to shame

Nor let my enemies triumph over me.


Yeni Assan